Parents Books, Duplicate Pocket Albums & Coffee Table Books

Our range of duplicate books & albums are a great gift idea for guests, family and friends

Parents Books, Duplicate Pocket Albums & Coffee Table Books are great gifts ideas and as add-ons to your main album. Present them to family and friends to cherish the memories of your big day.


Complement your main album with downscaled Parents Album. These smaller duplicate albums are perfect additions to your wedding package. Receive discounts at time of ordering. Available as a downscale of your main album. They are supplied in sets of two with many colours available in linen or leatherette covers. Sizes from 8×8 to 12×9. Add laser etching of your name and date for personalization.


The classic coffee table book is guaranteed to always brings a smile to your face. Great memories printed on hard back gloss pages with a high quality of finish, guaranteed. Chose from leatherette or photo cover. Personalise with UV printing or etching on leatherette. Available in sizes 6×6 inches and 14×10 inches.


A pocket sized keepsake ideal as a gift idea for the bridal party, family members and friends. The Mini Books work great as standalone products or as a compliment to any package. Discounts always offered at time of the time of ordering.